arts entrepreneurship

These books are great references for the artist-entrepreneur. Please click the links to purchase through Amazon and support my e-commerce experiment for  MUSC 320 Arts Entrepreneurship at Kalamazoo College.

Required for MUSC 320, Spring 2019

Creating the Revolutionary Artist

A relatively new release (June 2018), this will be the centerpiece for Arts Entrepreneurship at Kalamazoo College.

The books below are NOT required, but MUSC 320 students will have to select one, or a pre-approved book, that best suits their individual entrepreneurial interests:

Beyond Talent

This book is the essential musicians guide to developing an entrepreneurial mindset, written before “entrepreneurship” was a buzz word in higher education. The principles in this book apply to all disciplines.

The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth

A fun read about building the entrepreneurial mindset for any business.

The Freelancer’s Survival Guide

A business book for the freelancer, as mentioned in this article:

Break into The Scene

Written from the perspective of a gigging brass player, this ebook is a casual read that focuses on building your entrepreneurial mentality, with a few practical discussions.


The definitive guide for pursuing a career in the visual arts, with plenty of interviews from actual artists (second edition is coming out in July 2017)