Live streaming: An Auditory Inconvenience

Here is the recent release of the live streaming of An Auditory Inconvenience:

Special thanks to Brian Gonda of Public Media Network for making this stream happen after countless hours of thankless troubleshooting and testing. Props to Doug Decker and Brian Gonda for the post-production on this video.

Here is the program:

six inspirations for piano & little synth (2015)

  1. Cassandra, destroyer of worlds
  2. no real than you are
  3. being and nothingness (a quiet prayer)
  4. turn on it
  5. according to you I come from a virtual world
  6. Cassandra, ignored prophet of doom, is the woman of our times

Cassandra Kaczor, piano & synth (Casio SK-1)


piano trio no. 1 (2015)

  1. four in three
  2. four over three over four
  3. three in four

Ahmed Anzaldua, piano; David Peshlakai, cello; Joanna Steinhauser, violin


relaxation no. 4 (2009)

 Cassandra Kaczor, piano



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