media coverage part 2 & 3

Tonight I heard myself on the radio.

That’s part 2.

You can listen to it tomorrow (Thursday January 14th) at 10:00 am EST here: . If you listen, you get to hear me talk, with my pianist and friend Cassandra Kaczor, and you get to listen to three movements of six inspirations and another piano solo that will be heard on my concert this Friday.

Getting yourself out there is hard. Half of the battle is just getting noticed. Then perhaps the last struggle is getting people curious enough to care to come. Or at least consider coming to your concert.

With all of the media opportunities everyone has, I wonder if quality is irrelevant in the first step of media coverage. Maybe you just need to persist and tell everyone and get a look and a feel that says “I am here. I exist. I am important enough to consider.”

Then maybe you have to be good enough after that?

Part 3 is the exploration into Facebook ads. I paid $10 for anywhere from 3k to 8k “views.” I am imagining 8 thousand people scrolling through their smart phones going “what the heck was that ad oh well” and moving on. Maybe someone will accidentally click.

Will someone accidentally come?

Well, shortly after I sent in my ad, it was approved (YAY) and then NOT APPROVED (ugh) because my image (that Facebook suggested) was 20% text. Oh. O.K. Let me get right on that.

I submitted another image with text. If that one doesn’t fly, I am just going to crop something or pull a really abstract image into the ad space and leave it be.

Thanks for reading about my journey.

Did you see my ad?