you’re invited: January 15th

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images by Mike Klok

If you are attending An Auditory Inconvenience in person or via the stream, here is the perfect preview of what to expect, with partial back story, innuendos, and raw wisdom:

When:    January 15th, 2016, 8 pm (EST)

Where:  Kalamazoo College’s Dalton Theater 

Who:     Adam Schumaker, composer; Cassandra Kaczor, pianist; Ahmed Anzaldua, pianist; David Peshlakai, cellist; Joanna Steinhauser, violinist. Technical support by Brian Gonda with Public Media Network, additional filming by Matt Weaver , audio recording and amplification by Doug Decker, support from Kalamazoo College, and grant support from the Kalamazoo Artistic Development Initiative through the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo.

What (to expect):    it’s complicated, so here we go…

The performance will last just over an hour, without an intermission. A reception will follow.

Three works will be premiered. One is a 2009 composition titled “relaxation no. 4” which you can listen to here, performed by Derek Herzer. The other two works are brand-new-piles-of-notes that have taken me years to meander through as I figured out things like artistry, work, family, life, money, etc. They are truly without any motivation other than pure artistic expression.

“piano trio no. 1” for lack of a better title, will feature 3 fantastic Kalamazoo musicians (Ahmed, David, & Joanna). I would best classify the piece as post-minimalist with more complexity and some good polyrhythmic play.

“six inspirations for piano & little synth” is the featured work. Back in 2011, Cassandra Kaczor asked me to write her a piece. Well, I started it but then my wife and I started having babies, moving, switching jobs, etc. and I never finished the piece. Over that time I kept revisiting it and it turned into six movements, all with unique titles that aim not to describe, but to inspire random associations that may color the music in unexpected ways, if you let your mind wander enough.

After it’s all said and done, I hope to render the recordings into fine videos that we all can re-watch and listen to at our leisure. Until then, I hope you can make the performance or the stream on January 15th!

And don’t forget to watch the trailer, featuring the film work of Matt Weaver and the pianistic sensitivities of Cassandra Kaczor: