Composing “shorts”

As a student composer, my favorite compositions were short duets. Out of necessity, I wrote these duets for trumpet and bassoon. I played trumpet, and my roommate played bassoon. Performers guaranteed!

What started as an exercise, the Duet in Three Parts became a very important piece for me compositionally and artistically. It may have been the launch into finding my tonal voice.

Looking back, about 10 years later, this work still resonates with me and makes me wonder why we [composers] don’t spend more time composing “shorts”. Why are we always looking to make a splash with a large work–a grotesque amalgamation of notes and complications that represent high art at it’s best–instead of composing for a variety of lengths, instrumentations, and purposes? Continue reading


Live streaming: An Auditory Inconvenience

Here is the recent release of the live streaming of An Auditory Inconvenience:

Special thanks to Brian Gonda of Public Media Network for making this stream happen after countless hours of thankless troubleshooting and testing. Props to Doug Decker and Brian Gonda for the post-production on this video. Continue reading

media coverage part 2 & 3

Tonight I heard myself on the radio.

That’s part 2.

You can listen to it tomorrow (Thursday January 14th) at 10:00 am EST here: . If you listen, you get to hear me talk, with my pianist and friend Cassandra Kaczor, and you get to listen to three movements of six inspirations and another piano solo that will be heard on my concert this Friday.

Getting yourself out there is hard. Half of the battle is just getting noticed. Then perhaps the last struggle is getting people curious enough to care to come. Or at least consider coming to your concert.

With all of the media opportunities everyone has, I wonder if quality is irrelevant in the first step of media coverage. Maybe you just need to persist and tell everyone and get a look and a feel that says “I am here. I exist. I am important enough to consider.” Continue reading

wait… a trailer for a concert?

So I made a video trailer for a new music concert.

No, it doesn’t feature some cool deep-voiced guy with big flashes, explosions, crazy text, and tons of actions shots.

But it’s a great representation of the serene moments that one will experience when they attend or stream my concert event An Auditory Inconvenience: the music of Adam Schumaker

Watch the trailer here: Continue reading

media coverage part 1

encore clip jan 2016


An Auditory Inconvenience has it’s first media coverage: check out the front page of in the “what’s happening…” section, or go straight to the mention here.

When you are doing everything yourself on a limited budget, it’s important to get as much free media attention as possible, if not for the only hope that your event/thing will pop up as much as it can in the faces of potential audience members/consumers.

This is my branding strategy so far.

Props to Encore Magazine for being thorough, professional, and delivering every bit of information correctly!