“according to you I come from a virtual world”

according to you[intro]

Being an artist in the 21st Century is no easy task.

We have unlimited resources of knowledge, arguably less lucrative opportunities, yet, more accessibility and capabilities with information-flow and technology.


At my core, I am an artist-a creator. A composer. I am also a dad. I want the family life, the stability, coming home and being there for the kids; I also want the late night creative sessions, performing, composing, and making art in a turbulent, uncertain world.

This is why I am awake at 1:34 am, with a 3 year old, a 4.5 month-old, and a very tired wife who is asleep. Any normal person would be sleeping too. I, however, am working on editing some scores… oh, and writing this blog.


The world we live in is increasingly virtual. We interact through Facebook messenger, google hangouts, emails, tweets (I still am a terrible ‘tweeter’), etc. And through all of the wires and wireless we strive to connect, engage, and inspire. A movement from the piano + synth piece I am working on is called “according to you I come from a virtual world.”

How fitting.


This blog comes to you from the virtual world. You are reading it, because like me who is writing it, you are searching for something, reaching out for human connection, longing for touch, words, likes, shares.


So here I am, typing endless characters, wondering who will read and what will they think, and trying to hone in on a compelling blog topic, an interesting theme. My overarching idea is the “Composer-Dad” blog. The stable mixed with the late-night-risk-taker. The Dad who is relatable, tired, proud, struggling, the jokester, the coffee addicted. The Composer who is aloof, pretentious, conflicted. In this mix there is a serene forest of contentment.

Just kidding-there is no serenity in either roles.


According to you I come from a virtual world. But my stories are tangible. My art is out there. My daughters are insanely cute, funny, smart, sassy… perfect. My music is messy and dissonant. My wife is the best. She is such a wife and I am such a husband in all of the best and terrible ways.

All of this exists together and lives and breathes in strange feedback loops of normalcy, despite none of it being “normal.”

If you made it this far, congratulations.

Welcome to the COMPOSER_DAD blog. I hope you will check back in.