“according to you I come from a virtual world”

according to you[intro]

Being an artist in the 21st Century is no easy task.

We have unlimited resources of knowledge, arguably less lucrative opportunities, yet, more accessibility and capabilities with information-flow and technology.


At my core, I am an artist-a creator. A composer. I am also a dad. I want the family life, the stability, coming home and being there for the kids; I also want the late night creative sessions, performing, composing, and making art in a turbulent, uncertain world.

This is why I am awake at 1:34¬†am, with a 3 year old, a 4.5 month-old, and a very tired wife who is asleep. Any normal person would be sleeping too. I, however, am working on editing¬†some scores… oh, and writing this blog. Continue reading