my new ‘composer’ backpack

This is my new backpack:

the composer backpack

If you click this image, it will take you to amazon, and if you purchase this bag through the link, some money will come my way. Not much, but it’s an experiment in creating online passive incomes. Don’t you like experiments? At Kalamazoo College, where I teach, this sort of extra-income-coaching is part of the curriculum for my class, Arts Entrepreneurship. 

Back to the pack.

I bought this backpack because 1.) I wanted to keep from having to go to the chiropractor so much, 2.) I wanted to carry around my laptop, my little 25 key MIDI controller, and some books 3.) I also wanted to carry around some cords, mics, flash drives, and maybe a textbook. I wanted a COMPOSER BACKPACK. I bet you didn’t even think of that as a thing. If you are a composer, now you’re thinking about how you didn’t even know you wanted one.

I found all of my academic and compositional needs in this backpack. So far, I have used it for three days. I cannot wait for school to start again.

In honor of my new back pack, here is a poem:

oh backpack, oh backpack
you have given me my back back
a napsack? well hardly,
you are my composer backpack.

I found you on the amazon
but bought you direct
after days upon days of reading reviews
…but I digress…

you hold my midi keyboard
you hold my macbook
I filled you with pencils and books
but look…!

Another pocket emerges,
as protected as the rest
to hold on to my cables
as I strap you ’round my chest

oh backpack, oh backpack
storage, you do not lack
you gave me my back back
thank you, my new backpack.

*update April 13, 2016: this backpack still rocks.