a new website

After the advice of a friend, I am moving my website here, in preparations for October 10th, 2015, which is currently booked at Kalamazoo College for An Auditory Inconvenience: the music of Adam Schumaker. This concert will feature my multi-movement solo work six inspirations for piano and little synth, my piano trio in a long time need of a performance, and some other music yet to be determined.

This performance will be the beginning of a reshaping of my artistic self, in addition to the impetus to get out there with my website, a Soundcloud, a youtube channel,  a Facebook page, and probably not a Twitter… because with two kids, two dogs, and a gorgeous wife, who really has time for that?

This website will also have some resources for my students, this opening page blog, and who knows what else.

Thanks for reading.