Brewing Up a New Music Concert: the finances, the timelines, the troubles

One of my life goals is to encourage transparency around making a living as an artist–how much we make, how we do it, and all of the gritty details that are rarely-of-ever discussed in the real-world, home, or academia. So in this low key rando blog post, I will discuss in depth, the collaboration, finances, […]


iOS Live Streaming DIY Tech

During the month of June 2018, I had the pleasure of writing a four-article series for New Music Box, the publication of New Music USA. I received this invitation after presenting an hour-long talk at the 2018 New Music Gathering, at Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Although live streaming has gained a bit of popularity, it […]

Something to Hunt

Since the fall, I have had the pleasure of working with ÆPEX Contemporary Performance to produce and present a concert of music by living, diverse composers. I am the only “white” male composer on the program. This concert is today and you should either come or live stream it. I present two arguments for supporting this project. […]

Go Fund Yourself

I recently released my first guest blog with The Portfolio Composer. It’s about making your own opportunities and it’s specific to composers and musicians. You can read it here. The conversation surrounding how to make it as an artist- 5-9, freelance, or something in between- is never ending. It is always changing. It’s also something you […]

Talking about Live Streaming

You should be live streaming. This is why I spent an hour talking with composer Garrett Hope, mastermind behind the Portfolio Composer Podcast, about the subject. Music and video work so well together, and it has never been easier. There is no excuse for not streaming your work. The podcast discusses some of the technical nature […]

Dear (Music) Students

Dear (music) students, I bet this semester will be filled with hours of practicing, too many required courses (like music theory), and many hours of self-doubt, wondering how these activities will lead to a job. Well, I bring you this encouraging message: “they won’t.” All of these things we want you to do will not […]